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Microblading app added the new amazing feature that can help you to organize your photos; protect your images' copyright/ownership and make your PMU business to stand out from the competition.

Metadata, Watermarks, and Image Protection

Many PMU artists use watermarks on their images, mainly to protect their copyright. Is it a good idea? Is there a better way?

• What is metadata?
• Metatags and copyright
• Water marks issues 
• Metadata and Google 
• How to add metadata to your images?

Images are a collection of pixels that encoded into JPEG, PNG etc image-type files. When you add watermarks you apply secondary image/text on top of your original image. Metadata is a little piece of code embedded into the image file code.


Looks ugly, prevents clients to see the details, hated by online platforms, Like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp etc 

- Easy to add
- Easy to remove
- Weak copyright protection
- Not good for Google and Social                     


Elegant solution to protect your ownership and get promoted online

- Difficult to add
- Difficult to remove
- Strong copyright protection
- Encouraged by Google
- Clean Images for Social

Watermark, no metada:

👆🏻Image above is what humans see 👆🏻

image cluttered with logo/text

👆🏻Image above is what Search Engines and Social Media platforms see:👆🏻

See nothing and they try to guess info using their image AI. Its a long and expensive process for them and in most case they skip and don't attempt to establish the image copyright

Metadata, no watermark:

👆🏻Image above is what humans see👆🏻

Nice clean image

👆🏻Image above is what Search Engines and Social Media platforms see:👆🏻

Full comprehensive copyright info, easy to read and index by online crawler bots - Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, etc

Google LOVES IPTC metadata!

What Google say about images with metadata:

"When you specify image metadata, Google Images can show more details about the image, such as who the creator is, how people can use an image, and credit information. For example, providing licensing information can make the image eligible for the Licensable badge, which provides a link to the license and more detail on how someone can use the image."

"Google recommends that, at the very least, you retain critical metadata related to image rights information and identification. For example, whenever possible try to keep the IPTC fields creator, credit line, and copyright notice to provide proper attribution."

"IPTC photo metadata: IPTC photo metadata is embedded into the image itself, and the image and metadata can move from page to page while still staying intact. You only need to embed IPTC photo metadata once per image."

There are different metadata standards. IPTC - is the one you need

Ok. I want to add metadata to my images. But how?

We, at MicrobladingApp, created a very easy way for you to do it!

Step 1. Add image/s to your client folder

Check the short video - How to..

Step 2. Add metatags to your image/s

Click on the "Tag" Icon, then..

fill-in the appropriate fields

We created the interactive help too for you!

Finish to fill-in all the fields. If you have Copyright Policy on your website - put that URL in License Details, if not - keep it blank. Latitude/longtitude - if you know - fill the numbers, if not - click on th map next to it and drop the pointer to your precise location, geo co-ordinates will be added automatically.

Last - click on the preset toggle - this way all your data will be stored as a preset - so you don't have to type the same info again and again (preset feature is available only for PRO subscriptions). 




Click on the link above. Choose Option B >>> Choose File >>> Get Photo Metadata of Local Image. If you did 

Now you can save the newly tagged photo to your Gallery or share to social etc etc

Share is easy!

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