Amazing folder system

Client's name

This is what the client folder will look like with one or more filled and saved forms inside.

Add notes to the folder

You can even add as many notes as needed to client folders by tapping on “add note” on the upper right corner when inside the client’s folder.
Remember to always tap on the word “Done” when wanting so save anything.

Find the client's folder. 

 To find your clients’ filled forms just type in the “search” field the first letters of their first or last name.
Tap on the square with their name and date and you will be inside their folder again where you can add notes and even email or print their filled forms.

Access to the client's folder

 Once you tap on the filled and saved form you want to access inside the client’s folder you can tap on the arrow on the upper right corner and pick if you want to email the form in pdf file or print directly from your device.

Remember: After the client fills and save each form is automatically emailed to you in pdf form too.