How to create custom forms

If you don’t want to use our preloaded templates in English you can tap on “ customize/edit forms” purple button and create your own forms in any language!

Template library

By tapping here you can also find some of our preloaded Spanish and Portuguese template forms.

Template header business info

Here you can also fill and save your business’ information!

Add new custom template

At the bottom of the same screen tap on “Add new custom template”. It will create the new consent form in any language for any procedure! Possibilities are endless! 

Template name, photoID, language

Now you can add the title or headline of your form (i.e. “Lips Tatoo Consent” or “Photo Release Consent”).
You can even pick and type in any language by tapping on “language”

You can chose to have a field for the client to ad their photo ID to the consent form or not.Don’t forget to save your form by clicking on save!

Adding template paragraphs

In Microblading App Forms there are two main types of paragraphs:

A. simple check paragraph;
B. check+comments.

Type in the text you want your client to “check” and agree to.

You can give the client the option to add a comment when checking the box.

When finish creating the new paragraph -  click on “Done” in the upper right corner to save it.

Check the new custom paragraph

You have your first line of your own customized consent form!

You can always go back in there and edit if needed. Like in case you want to add more lines to your forms.

Delete custom paragraphs

You can delete a line from your form by tapping on it and swiping to the left.

Where is my new custom form?

After saving your own customized form it will automatically show there together with our preloaded templates when you click on the plus signal in the start up screen! Easy peasy!