How to use the app         It’s easy! (Part I)

First: download the app for IOS or Android mobile devices (ipad/iphone, android phone or tablet, etc).
Remember the name of the app is Microblading App and our icon is:


Second: If it is your first time using the app click on “Sign Up Now”.

Third: Enter a valid email address and create a password then click on “sign up”
Last step: check your email & junk mail for an email from us to confirm your email address.


Sign up

Enter valid email

Confirm email

Now you can start using the template forms by clicking on the plus icon on the upper right corner of the screen! 

 Then pick one or two (or all) of our templates for your client to fill out prior to procedure by tapping on top of the form titles and then tap on “done”

Now you can give the device to your client so they can start typing in his or hers info and checking all consent form boxes

Once your client finishes checking the boxes he or she can ad their signature and sign with their finger and also ad a picture of their ID.

At the end of the page by clicking on “Done” the client file is being automatically saved and another form will open for them to fill out if you picked more than one form for your client to fill